Bank History

The Gandhinagar Urban Co-Op. Bank Ltd. has been registered under Gujarat Co-operative Societies Act, 1961 on 28-05-1999 and allotted Registration No. Se 28573. After registration, the promoters under the leadership of Founder Chairman Shri G.N.Kharod, Shri J. C. Patel founder vice- chairman    Shri D. T. Patel founder M.D. and a veteran co-operator made extensive efforts. The license under section 22 (1) of the Banking Regulation Act, 1949 (AACS). Reserve Bank of India has granted license to The Gandhinagar Urban Co-Op. Bank Ltd. on 22-09-1999, license no. Guj 008P for commencing banking business. After obtaining the license, the bank has completed the necessary formalities and commenced banking business from 02-01-2000.


The Bank has been organized particularly for the benefit of women and it is run by the women directors. There are 15 Directors in Board including two Professional Directors -one Chartered Accountant and one Advocate. The area of operation of the bank is limited to the area of Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation and 10 km. surrounding to it.



The Bank has been organized particularly for the benefit of Businessmen, Small Scale Industries and Employees by the Directors. There are in 13 all Directors in Board including two professional Directors, one Chartered Accountant, and one Bank professional. The area of operation of the bank is limited to the Gandhinagar District.



The Bank has completed successfully 20  years of its establishment and running in the 21st year. During all these years the Bank has provided unique banking services to the lower and middle class of people of the area of operation. The bank has provided loans & advances to the needy persons who come from the lower and middle class of the society, and made them economically viable. Thus the bank has played an important role in the upliftment of people of Gandhinagar city and district. The Bank has made excellent progress in spite of the critical situation prevailing in the Co-operative banking sector since 2002 onwards.



The Bank has opened another three Branches first  at Sector-24,  second at Kudasan and third at Vavol for customers demand.



The Bank believes that Customer Delight is the ultimate goal and has a strong belief that customer and all shareholders, wholehearted support, absolute faith and their patronage coupled with hard work of the staff members have been largely responsible for its noteworthy and appreciable growth. The Bank is committed to providing banking services with speed, comfort, and convenience. The progress allowed by the bank can be attributed to the collective efforts made by the management and teamwork of its staff under the able guidance of the Board of Directors.



We thank all our customers (Depositors, Share Holders & Borrowers) and who are connected directly or indirectly with our Bank for their support & confidence is shown by them in us.